Mini Maker's Faire 2013

Mini Maker’s Faire 2013

The mission of Musicians Garden is to expand the musical experiences of anyone wanting to learn how to play, compose or record original songs.  We believe everyone is musical and has something to contribute.

We attend festivals, child/senior care centers, community events, music schools and provide instruments to kids of all ages hoping to ignite the spark of musicianship and music appreciation.  With the assistance of local artists, instructors and volunteers we are able to offer children of all ages a guide through the experience of playing an instrument for the first time.

Ingenuity Fest 2013

Ingenuity Fest 2013

Various studies have shown a great connection between musicianship and many important life skills such as focus, determination, memory and healthy self-expression.  Learning music can also improve self-esteem, communication and teamwork.

Musicians Garden is always looking for more events and places to make a difference!  Check out the Booking page to find out how to include MG at your next event!

Musicians Garden @ Ingenuity 2013

All ages love music

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