RESOLUTIONARIES a new year in sound

As we celebrate the new year we face our “last year” selves and begin to make our promises, resolutions and dreams for betterment.? We vow to have more concerts, create new sounds, and working harder.? Looking to be a year for the Musicians, 2013 is presenting with new sounds, new challenges, and new technology.

Each January as students file back in for lessons, they enter with determination and focus.? Usually by March the excitement and conviction have burned down to the last coal.? The winter months are difficult especially in areas like Cleveland.? The grey skyline and dismal cold are stifling to the creative mind.? But each year the promises are made.? So this year, keep them.? Keep yourself on your musical toes with extra lessons, extra practice, and learning new music. MG welcomes new students and expects current students to continue the exceptional work.? We are very proud of you and hope to have another great year!

With the announcement of Neil Young’s music player, Pono, you can expect a truly ear-opening listening experience.? Pono, the word meaning “righteous” in hawaiian, is a new design on how you hear music.? Promising to provide higher quality audio files, Pono will debut this year.? Throughout the decades, music formats have changed and shaped the world we live in and the design of car, home and portable listening devices have been adapted to not only provide sound but several other benefits as well.? Although some of the convenience features of digital audio are impressive, we have lost a measurable amount of audio quality.? This measurement can be defined as the “bit rate” and “frequency”.? For example, when you listen to an audio CD, you are actually hearing only a percentage of the original recorded material.? So check out the Pono and hear the difference for yourself!

2013 will be a big year for MG students.? This year we challenge you to accept your most difficult resolution and GO FOR IT!? We want to help you learn that song, write that riff, and hit that note.? Make 2013 your Resolutionary year!? From Musicians Garden, Happy New Year!!

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