Musicians Garden Experience Ingenuity Fest 2013

Ingenuity Festival 2013 was held this past weekend at Dock 30 of the Cleveland Harbor.  The annual festival showcased the art community of Cleveland, with presentations from theatre, music, dance, local vendors and technological inventions.

Ingenuity Fest 2013

Ingenuity Fest 2013

With a simple mission, “music for all”, Musicians Garden created a truly unique experience allowing musicians of all ages and skill levels to collaborate and jam.  MG had players from all worlds of music including classical, jazz, blues and rock working together to create original music.

Throughout the weekend many of the jams were recorded for the “YouTube Contest” which will be held the entire month of October, with the winning jam being placed in the next MG commercial.  All recording sessions were completed with random musicians, most of which had never even met prior to sitting down and jamming together.

The MG experience at Ingenuity Fest 2013 was made possible by talented musician volunteers, booth representatives and gracious donors providing instruments and supplies.  The staff and representatives would like to thank everyone who came and played music with us this weekend!

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