Musicians Garden Growing with Ingenuity Fest 2013

Musicians Garden is looking to make big waves in the future of music education.  The music school provides playing, composition and recording instruction to students of all ages and skill levels.  A major component to this ground-breaking approach is the melding of classical and contemporary instruments in a realistic “jam” setting, incorporating team work, self-expression and collaboration.

“The plan for Ingenuity Festival is to introduce ourselves to the artistic community of Cleveland.  This city has such strong musical roots and we want to be a big part of the future musicianship of it’s players, composers and recording engineers.”  says Jennifer Stenger, Musicians Garden Director.  “We will be providing a ‘walk-through’ experience of several different facets of music, such as playing, composing and recording technology.  These areas will also be interactive to the public”.  MG will also be holding a YouTube contest following the event.  The winner of the contest will have their song featured in the next Musicians Garden commercial!!  “Although it’s ambitious, we feel that musicians are expressive people and we’re hoping to be successful in allowing participants to work with our professionals on a song, which will be written, played and recorded at the festival.”

Ingenuity Festival will be held the weekend of September 20-22, requires no registration and is family friendly.  The event is one of the largest held in the Cleveland area each year, bringing close to 30,000 people.  The festival is a celebration of the arts, technology and craftsmanship with presenters ranging from bands and art galleries to hand-made jewelry and inventions.   2013 will mark another successful, fun and interesting event for Ingenuity Festival.

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